3956 Utah Street - San Diego, CA 92104

    3956 Utah Street
    3956 Utah Street
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    Price: $975

    Date Posted: 09-11-2019
    Bedrooms: 1
    Bathrooms: 1
    Living Area: 0 sq. ft.
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    3956 Utah Street Description

    *Private Bedroom (~10.5'x11.5') and adjacent Private Bath in a cozy upstairs 2bd, 2ba condo (top floor, 2nd level). *Lush Green complex in the hip art/cultural hub of North Park *Street parking (usually can find within 1-2 blocks, depending on time of day) and Close to Buses #2, 6, 7, 10 (possible parking spot rental for $1 per day, an awesome deal in NP!) *Walking distance to yoga, parks, shopping, food, bars, cafes, and lots more! *A retreat from the outside world, a Quiet Peaceful Sanctuary inside *Furnished room (Full-size bed, nightstand, desk, chair, lighting) *Shoes-off-at-door household RENT, UTILITIES, DEPOSIT: -- Rent: $975/month, month-to-month -- Utilities: $50 your portion, with high speed internet, water, electricity up to $15 credit -- Deposit: $900, refundable minus basic sanitizing cleaning fee and as long as no damages or messes beyond basic sanitizing -- Would like just one person but if two, add $400 rent/mo + $30 utilities/mo (includes up to $15 electric credit for 2 ppl) + $200 deposit ******************************************************************* ROOMMATE CRITERIA: *very quiet (think temple-like, close doors gently/softly, low voices/sounds, no bass) *trustworthy, respectful, responsible, takes care of the place *open-minded, patient, understanding, easy-going *eco-friendly, conserves energy/electricity usage, conscientious *healthy communication, open to feedback, approachable *must work outside the home at a full-time job (i.e. at least 40 hours/week) *is naturally active in doing things outside of the home (not a constant homebody) *non-cigarette smokers *no Pets, Strong perfumes/colognes/fragrances, or Odors allowed due to allergies/chemical sensitivities (essential oils and light non-chemical odors are fine; You're welcome to put strong scents on when outside the home, however, please don't bring the strong smells home, Thanks!) *Low or rare drug use and alcohol in moderation (no smoking inside) *self-sufficient, low-maintenance, and pays bills on time *very seldom have people over and keep the parties outside the home (gatherings on very rare occasions are fine) *clean (usually cleans up in the common areas soon after making messes with the rare occasion of the busy days) but not anal about other people's messes (I like clean and try to keep it so with the occasional busy, messy day) *have very little common area belongings (you can have as many personals in your room ;)) *have good energy Prefer ages 25 to 60. WHO YOU'LL BE LIVING WITH: I used to work in the adventure outdoor and biotech industries, have an environmental science degree. Love exploring, trying most new things, peace/quiet, and community gatherings and festivals (e.g. YOUtopia, LIB). Have traveled to 16 different countries. Quiet at home. Respectful, friendly, keep to myself most of the time because I'm busy with so many things. Currently self-employed and work mostly at home. Usually a night owl (mainly in my room). My schedule includes a mix of being active outside, working/resting at home, or spending nights somewhere else. ******************************************************************* QUESTIONS (Qs): When replying, please answer following Qs to figure out some compatibility. Thanks in advance for your patience. Please give up to 48 hrs to schedule viewings. -What move-in and move-out dates are you seeking? -What do you do for work and what are your work days & hours? -What do you like to do in your free time? -When sleeping...are you a light, medium, or heavy sleeper? -How are you with noise and temperature (heat/cold)? Super sensitive, Medium, Not sensitive at all to these, or something else? -Do you cook? A little, sometimes, a lot? -What other living situations have you been in before? -Do any of the roommate criteria not apply to you? If yes, which ones? -Anything else you'd like to share to help the screening process? Thanks and Look Forward to Hearing from You! *******************************************************************
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