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    NB Coronado, CA Local Information

    Local Communities and Features

    NB Coronado is located on the island of Coronado and surrounding areas on the mainland including San Diego and Imperial Beach, California. Coronado has a population of about 25,000 people, while San Diego's is around 1,322,550 and Imperial Beach has around 26,000 people. The cities of Chula Vista (243,900) and National City (58,600) are also within 20 minutes of Coronado.

    Local Rental Prices: The average price to rent a home varies by the community around NB Coronado, ranging from $800 in National City to $1,430 in Coronado, with Imperial Beach averaging $960, Chula Vista at $1,075, and San Diego's at $1,150.

    Local Housing Prices: The average cost to purchase a home in the Coronado area is about $1,000,000. The nearby communities come in at a little bit less, with San Diego at about $503,700, Imperial Beach and Chula Vista at just over $400,000, and National City at $351,900, compared to the average cost of a house in California which is around $370,900.

    Short Description of the Area: Coronado is an affluent island with a small town atmosphere and is often called a "resort city". It used to be an island until the shallow water between it and and the mainland was filled in when the Navy moved into North Island, the northern half of Coronado, so the island is now connected by a peninsula known as the Silver Strand. Coronado and all other mentioned communities are part of San Diego County. San Diego, one of the largest cities in California and the U.S., is the seat of the county, which is the 5th largest county in the state. The San Diego-Tijuana, Mexico metropolitan area has a population of nearly 5 million and is one of the largest bi-national metro areas in the country. Warning: Crossing the U.S.-Mexico border does not always allow for easy re-entry, even with a Military ID.

    Climate and Weather: Coronado and the San Diego areas are widely considered to have one of the best climates in the country. Summers are warm and dry with very mild winters. Over 200 days per year are over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. January has an average temperature of 56.6 degrees F. and August averages about 73.5 degrees. The annual average rainfall is 9-13 inches and most falls between December and March. Since most cities in San Diego County are coastal, they can experience "June gloom" from May to early July; cloud cover over the water keeps the area cloudy most of the morning to afternoon, with inland areas clearing up before the more coastal regions. The risk of an earthquake in Coronado is less than in the rest of California but higher than the national average.